Where has my modelling time gone???

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It has been nearly 3 months since my last blog post and almost 3 years since I started this blog and although much has changed in my modelling life there is one thing that never seems to, the time I get to spend at the workbench. The annual trip to Telford has come and gone with great fanfare, some rare bench time followed and we ended the modelling year with a trip to the London plastic model show where we spent money we did not really have however it is rude not too, the sellers are there to sell their goods and we are there to enjoy the models and spend our hard earned cash. The London plastic model show is a lovely end to the modelling year, a nice journey on the train into the city, some nice models to feast the eye on a walk around our capital city, taking in the festive lights a bit of shopping  a bite to eat then home and then our attention can turn to the forthcoming Christmas preparations and the hope that during the holidays you can fit some modelling time in. Which is what I managed to do, back when I first started modelling the Christmas break was always a great opportunity to get some modelling done especially if you happened to get a new kit or two and long sessions at the coffee table building ancient Tamiya  kits was the order of the day, painting the finished article by hand and proudly displaying them for all to see in the display cabinet, halcyon days for sure, it just amazes me that I seemed to have all the time in the world for modelling then compared to the virtual non existent time now.

In the days of modelling at the coffee table, painting by hand and frequent trips to the local model shops, to peruse the Tamiya, Italeri, Revell and early Dragon kits note the plural in comparison to todays lack of model shops yet we have never had it so good with access to vast amounts of kits, paints, finishing products and the like, access via the internet to any number of forums social media platforms and any amount of information that our poor little brains can cope with yet in a way I miss those simple days where you built as you bought and having a stash never ever entered the mind. Now in 2020, I have my own dedicated workroom filled with enough models to see me through until the end of time yet the one thing I would like more than anything else is the one thing that money just cannot buy, time. Life seems to get ever increasingly busy the older I seem to get,  work seems to take up more time than it should then there are all the chores that need attention and as we start to say goodbye to winter and spring arrives then there is the gardening and although I love pottering around in the garden it does seem to take up a lot of spare time that for some reason is in very short supply.

During the yearly trip to Telford my partner in crime Kerry and I discussed my need to spend more time at the workbench finishing off the many projects that are on the go spread out over the year so I do not spend the 6 or so weeks in the build up to said trip in a frenzy and suffering from blind panic trying to get anything finished to take with us. Although I spent some time at the bench directly on our return that has unfortunately tailed of dramatically and I can sadly say that I have done no modelling at all since the start of the new year, and why is this?, to be honest I just do not know. Yes I have suffered the usual modelling malaise that I usually suffer this time every year and my attentions have been taken away from modelling with others things going on however is this just a way of my brain justifying the fact that my modelling output has been zero, also is it not helped by the fact that it is only February and Telford is still at least 9 months away, these are questions it seems that only I can answer yet however much I think about it, come up empty.

So as I sit here on a cold Saturday lunchtime in early February pondering my modelling output or lack of it, this is usually the month that starts the modelling year off with a trip to the first model show of the year which we did last Saturday with a trip our local show yet as is normal it did not propel me back to the workroom which in an ideal world it would of. On a more positive note I have had a bit of a hankering for a few hours of modelling however as yet that has not happened and with this in mind I thought a blogpost would be a good start with the hope that it will kickstart a more productive phase of the year and get me back to the workbench and maybe get something back on the bench and change the way the modelling year has started. I feel that a new more consistent approach is what is required for my modelling which should help my lack of normal early year output and put some models on the table for the forthcoming model shows where we display. Inspiration is a key element to get those creative juices flowing and that can come in various guises, a model in a magazine, on social media or something completely unconnected to modelling, in the past it has been a model at a show or a new release announced at the Nuremberg toy fair or similar, now we were at the youngest’s parents evening last week and one of her teachers said something quite curious, he said while revising for her forthcoming GCSE’s the youngling should use her art to relax away from the more heavier subjects, he also added that art is a good way of relaxing which I thought quite strange and was not something that I could relate to, maybe that is where I am going wrong, modelling is a hobby, something to enjoy, not a chore.

The Average Modeller.

By The Average Modeller

I am 48 years old and have been modelling since the autumn of 2002 when after a random nip into a local model shop on my way to work I purchased the old Tamiya Sd.kfz 223. I shared the build and paint job with my Step Dad where we made the fatal mistake of paining it before we finished the assembly and we ended up with a bit of a glue covered painted mess. When not involved in any modelling stuff I like to spend my time pottering around my garden, spending time with the other half and the children, listening to music, getting stressed at my football teams inabilities and procrastinating about just about everything else, oh! yes and work where I am Site Manager at a large primary school.

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