Lockdown news from Average Modeller HQ

Well it has been an absolute age since I put fingers to the keyboard and added to the blog so here I am on the eve of returning back to work, well I say returning to work, work has continued during this unprecedented time and although the working days have been shorter the need forContinue reading “Lockdown news from Average Modeller HQ”

Where has my modelling time gone???

It has been nearly 3 months since my last blog post and almost 3 years since I started this blog and although much has changed in my modelling life there is one thing that never seems to, the time I get to spend at the workbench. The annual trip to Telford has come and goneContinue reading “Where has my modelling time gone???”

Sometimes I feel that there are those that are just plain sadists…..

It has been quite a while since I last put my fingers to the keyboard and drummed up some words of wisdom regarding this fantastic hobby of mine and this has been for numerous reasons, life of course gets in the way and keeps me away from the workbench and my keyboard whether that isContinue reading “Sometimes I feel that there are those that are just plain sadists…..”

There are times when some of my fellow modellers make me mad…..

Please excuse the title, I was not too sure how to express how certain members of the modelling fraternity make me feel. There is a lot off laziness in the hobby and one of the things that boils my piss more than those that post on forums and social media about what colour they shouldContinue reading “There are times when some of my fellow modellers make me mad…..”

Another year over and am I any wiser?

As the sun begins to set on another year here at  average modeller HQ and I find myself sitting at the workbench pondering over what has been a reasonable modelling year all round, yes I could have finished more models, yes I could have attended more shows and yes I could have blogged a bitContinue reading “Another year over and am I any wiser?”