A tidy workbench, the sign of a sick mind or a sign of too much tidying???


When I was in my workroom earlier this week putting away the remnants from building the Diopark Mercedes and as I put the last of the unused parts away putting the lid on the box and stacking it neatly onto the ‘it needs painting’ pile, I tightened the lid on the glue, put the sanding sticks neatly to one side, arranged the tweezers craft knife and side cutters into size order, made a small tower out of the numerous buffing pads that loiter on the bench and wiped over the cutting mat with a damp cloth it made me wonder if anybody else spends as much time as me tidying the workbench??. I tend to have a tidy every time I venture in, whether it be to sit and ponder  life look for something or whilst I chat on the phone, moving the tools around, putting them on the cutting mat, moving them off putting them away, getting them out again…..

Now if I am honest the room itself is not that tidy, I share it with boxes and boxes of stuff that I should either sell , give away or just throw away yet have not got round to doing so. The models that live in there are neat and tidy, nicely stacked on neat shelves, in size order of course, just waiting for me to reach forward, pluck one off the shelf open the box have a look inside then put the lid back on and put back on it’s designated place on the shelf, another project for another day probably far too many projects for my lifetime, however the workbench is always tidy, I often wonder if the pioneers of the hobby in its current form, the likes of Shep Paine, Francois Verlinden ever tidied the workbench between projects, or did they just plow on moving from one thing to another a veritable blur of projects, who knows, I for one like to work in a tidy work space, knowing that what I need is not far away as not much irritates me more than spending half of that precious modelling time looking for something that I  may or may not find, wasted time in a busy life, although I will always find time to keep that workbench clean and tidy.

The Average Modeller

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