Pets and modelling, not a good mix….


Whilst sitting at the workbench last Sunday doing my best to finish off the Diopark Mercedes, I had been up and down attending to other chores as I waited for glue to dry when all of a sudden from the far reaches of space (the window sill I think) this fine fellow (see above) appeared rather awkwardly onto the cutting matt via the desk lamp making the light smack the desk sending the lamp de-fuser parts flying and knocking over an open bottle of Tamiya extra thin cement (I had the brush in my hand at the time gluing a door together) luckily the parts of the car were to the back of the bench so did not melt to the cutting matt, the left hand side of the matt is not in as good condition as it was sadly, I was trying to keep it in pristine condition… it looked so nice before now it looks like I actually  use it!!!!, people may get the wrong impression and think that modelling does actually occur in the workroom and the expectation will be that there will be something built painted weathered and actually finished….. oh! the mere though of such things.

Jason The Average Modeller.


One thought on “Pets and modelling, not a good mix….

  1. I know just haw you feel brother. I have a little kitty who has found that she can take parts right off of the runners! I have lost a couple parts to her thieving little paws.


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