To stash or not to stash that is the question…


dsc_0001When I look upon the internet whether I am doing a bit of research, looking to make a purchase, on Facebook or having a trawl through the various modelling forums I cannot help but notice the numerous proud pictures of ‘the stash’. Now I am as guilty as the next person regarding owning a stash, it is rather large and a source of great embarrassment however I keep on adding to it, I cannot help myself, it is like an addiction. At the start of virtually every year in living memory I vow not to buy any new kits and then low and behold something will be released and it all goes out the window, I wait with bated breath at the start of the year for the Nuremberg toy fair waiting for the new kits to be announced then when they finally get released I cannot wait to add them to my stash, making the purchase either on the internet or at a show just waiting for that moment to sit down, open up the box and marvel at the lovely sprues in their little polythene bags, weighing them up one by one and putting them to one side admiring each sprue in turn until the box is empty. I then turn my attention to the instruction booklet, a slow flick through the pages picking out the areas that will be tricky noting these in my mind so when it comes to picking the next project I can avoid the kits that may cause me a headache. I then return the nicely bagged sprues to the box putting the instruction booklet on top before closing the lid and popping the box on the shelf adding it to the ‘stash’. It is like a ritual, the excitement as the kit is announced, the avoidance of the negative talk on the internet, the wait for it to be released, the making of the purchase, the unending wait for it to be delivered, the box opening and the sprue inspection, the instruction booklet perusing and then onto the grand finale, the adding to the stash. I guess it is the thrill, the thrill of the chase, from the moment of the kit announcement to the moment it is in your hands waiting for that final installment of the thrill, the adding it to the stash……

The Average Modeller.

By The Average Modeller

I am 48 years old and have been modelling since the autumn of 2002 when after a random nip into a local model shop on my way to work I purchased the old Tamiya Sd.kfz 223. I shared the build and paint job with my Step Dad where we made the fatal mistake of paining it before we finished the assembly and we ended up with a bit of a glue covered painted mess. When not involved in any modelling stuff I like to spend my time pottering around my garden, spending time with the other half and the children, listening to music, getting stressed at my football teams inabilities and procrastinating about just about everything else, oh! yes and work where I am Site Manager at a large primary school.

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