What am I suppose to do now…….

With the not so surprising news this week that Scale model world has been cancelled for this year and in all honesty it is the right decision under the current set of circumstances however it is a bit disappointing as our weekend in the midlands is the highlight of our modelling year and of course everybody else who make the journey every November. With SMW being cancelled it throws up a couple of modelling questions in my own mind, normally this time of year I am thinking ahead to the builds for the shows in the latter part of year, should I still build these for next years shows or should I do some other projects, the ones that have been hanging around in the back of the mind over the summer. Maybe I should just get all those models that I had been working on prior to the hotter weather coming along finished, some conundrums for me to ponder over the next few weeks before the cooler weather sets in and I find myself back at the workbench for the autumn and winter.

The loss of virtually all the modelling shows from this year and a few being cancelled from next years modelling calendar things are looking bleak on the social side of the hobby, now I am not really the sociable type however I do enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the show circuit and the company of fellow modellers especially the members of my modelling club who are a great bunch whose lack of physical presence this year Kerry and Me have missed very much, they are very much a huge part of our hobby and are very much an extended family. When I sat down today to jot down my thoughts about SMW being cancelled I did not think that it would make me think about what I will miss about the show, Scale model world for me and Kerry is unlike any other show that we go to, it is a chance to show off what we have been working on over the last year, or in my case the last couple of months, to pick up models and supplies for the coming year to relax away from the dramas of life and work admire everybody else’s hard work, to meet up with our friends on the modelling circuit and to hang out with our fellow club members, socialise, laugh and soak up the atmosphere.

With the shows cancelled it made me think about the modelling circuit as a whole and not just the bits that have an effect on me, the traders that normally attend will take a bit of a hit in the pocket without the shows so I have been supporting the traders where I can, we usually take a certain amount of money to every show we attend and support where we can with kits paints books/magazines and I have tried to spread what I am spending between my usually traders and some others too. I do not know about everyone else, I have found less surplus money around this year with bills going up and the price of the weekly shop being more than it was before the pandemic yet I have still tried to keep things ticking over. This year I have spent far more time at the workbench working on old projects from the pile of shame, I thought that in my overly exaggerated optimism that it would be possible to empty the shelf of shame which would enable me to move towards a couple of larger projects that I have in the guise of a couple of radio controlled kits, of course I overly guessed my motivational skills and I am only about half way though what I would like to have achieved however in doing half I have needed to purchase quite a lot of paint and stuff so with that in mind I have turned to my usual traders and supported them, something we could all keep in mind next time we run out of something.

I noticed over this weekend that the Bolton model show has joined the Cosford show as being cancelled for next year and I am sure more will join them as with the strict measures that need to be in place to allow people to get together no closer to being relaxed or us being anywhere near a vaccine our need to support our online model shops as well as our local models shops those of us lucky enough to still have one is more important that ever, sadly I am not one of the lucky ones to have a local model shop so I will carry on supporting those online until we can once again get together and enjoy each others company and spend to our hearts content in person at model shows. Now it is not all doom and gloom and there are positives that we can take from these uncertain times and the extra time that we are spending in our workrooms, man or woman caves kitchen tables sheds and the like and that is to get more models across the finish line, freshen up our modelling display areas and invigorate those stale club stands plus reduce our mountainous stashes, ok I am being a bit silly, who over the last 6 months or so have built one kit and replaced it with 2 others?, I have to admit the temptation to do this has been great especially when you see some of the new kits that have been released and some of the work that has popped up on social media and modelling forums.

So as we come to the end of the summer and with autumn just round the corner and no model shows to think about what is the average modeller going to be getting up to?, a very good question, I have not done much modelling this summer, maybe in the back of my mind I knew that SMW would join the rest of the autumnal shows and be cancelled so that there was no need to stress myself silly and panic build over the summer and I could just chill and enjoy my summer which is what I have been doing. I am now looking forward to getting things back to some kind of normality and getting back in to some kind of routine. With a bit of normality on the horizon it will be nice to find the opportunity to get my backside to the workbench and model away, whichever that may mean in terms of what kits and projects to work on. I will miss the usual Facebook banter with my fellow cohorts at my model club in the buildup to Telford however it will not be all bad as I am sure when the chance arises they will be there just waiting to pounce. There are one or two things I want to try to do over the next few months and without any deadlines I may be able to find the time to get some projects finished for any shows that go ahead in 2021.

The Average Modeller.

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