Some thoughts and feelings from Average Modeller HQ.

Here at Average Modeller HQ life seems to be travelling along at the usual pace even though we seem to living in a surreal set of circumstances, a little bit of modelling here, some stuff around the house there and of course the need to go to work everyday, normally we would be looking forward and working towards all the model shows at the latter part of the year with trips to Folkestone Farnborough Telford and a December journey into London. Now with at least half of those cancelled and the expectation that the rest will probably follow suite my thoughts turn to what I should be doing at the bench over the months to come. Once the finer weather disappears over the coming weeks and it is too cold to potter around the garden I will gravitate towards the modelling room and look at where I was when the good weather hit back in July. I do not know about anyone else, I find modelling in a stifling hot workroom a bit too much to bear even with a fan blowing dust around the workbench, glue drying too fast, paint not acting the way it should, I find it far easier to step away from the bench until the cooler weather returns.

Durning my weather driven hiatus from the bench I also tend to switch off a bit from modelling, keeping away from things like social media forums and my blog and just enjoy doing other things, work is usually quite intense over the summer although this year things have been a bit quieter which has enabled me to kick back a bit and enjoy the summer a bit more. This hiatus also keeps me away from my blog with my last post being just before we broke for the summer holidays, I find it refreshing to have a modelling holiday although I am sure my fellow model club members will raise an eyebrow to this as I always seem to be on a modelling holiday. I have not completely ignored this fantastic hobby, I still like to keep an eye on new and future releases and I check a couple of online retailers that keeps me in the loop, although there is always the risk that something will catch the eye and I will keep adding to a stash that only ever seems to grow.

As I have said in a previous blog post I love to buy magazines, however with this year being a lot different than the norm visits to the shops being less frequent and access to my usual reads very limited I have been forced to cut back on my magazine purchasing and to be honest for the most part I have not missed them, maybe that is a good thing, I like to think that every cloud has a silver lining although one magazine that I have made sure I still get is the fantastic Dioramag, I love a magazine that is full of inspirational work and that definitely ticks all the boxes. The time away from the hobby sometimes creates a need to return to the bench plus it can also a feeling of dread when the opportunity arises to return to whatever I was working on before. In the past I have cleared my bench before the summer so when it is time to get back to it I sit their nonplussed not knowing what to do, however this year things were left a bit differently, the kit that I had been working on has been boxed up and left on the cutting mat, see I am learning.

So with the summer slowly coming to an end and with the bench calling I decided that over this weekend I would do some work on how my blog looks by changing the way it is set out by updating the theme and getting myself a nice simple logo, I am not sure if I am wholly happy with it however it looks different and I quite like the theme. They say change is as good as a rest and changing my blog has made me think about what I should do with it over the coming months, It is not always easy to write weekly or fortnightly about the hobby without sounding repetitive, so I might do some reviews and the like. I have so many kits accessories tools and stuff littering up the workroom I should have enough possible articles to keep me going, of course I will still keep on with the things that wind me up and irritate me within the hobby although I may avoid writing about that one irritant within the hobby that annoys me like no other, those modellers that like to moan and judge manufacturers and fellow modellers from behind a keyboard. Until next time,

The Average Modeller.

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