It’s that time of year once again….. is it too early to panic??


Modelling has been on the back burner over the last few months, well actually most of this year due to many reasons, my health, life in general,  lack of inspiration and of course work which has been particularly stressful with much going on especially over the summer and with the couple of weeks that I had off and with much planned I ended up spending just as much time in work as I normally do, some holiday. Of course there are always positives as I managed to refurbish my workroom this year and built yet not painted a couple of kits one of which is for this years long trip to Telford so it has not been all bad. To be fair it has been a bit of a strange year in my modelling world and it has been rather up and down with more time spent in the down than the up. In my opinion the modelling year starts with the return from the midlands for Scale Model World and ends the moment we pack the car for that very same trip the following November, I had a lot of high hopes for this year however circumstances being what they are it seems to have gone the same way as all the others in recent memory. Once we returned last November and the new modelling year kicked off I begin by putting the purchases away reflected upon the weekend just gone, thought about blogging about it and did something that I’d not normally do and I built a model, strange I know although it has yet to see any paint.

Fast forward 10 months and I find myself sitting here mid September thinking that above everything else it is only about 50 or so days until the annual trip to Scale Model World and I have just one and a half built models and have the feelings of a severe case of deja vu, I really do not do myself any favours year in year out and find myself looking ahead at the ever decreasing day count to get my models built painted weathered finished and put on bases before I run out of time. If I worked well under pressure it would be easy to say that it is not a problem however sadly it is and I can feel the panic and obvious stress building and I know that it all should be very straight forward and I should complete them in good time and be able to sit back and maybe build something extra for the club stand yet I know that there will be the annual airbrush disaster and I will be drying paint and varnish on the night before we leave with the trusty hairdryer. Maybe I should start my builds during the cold winter months of December January and February when there are little other distractions and not the roasting hot months of June July and August like I did this year, although the weather was glorious (to some) it is not very conducive to good modelling as the glue evaporates quickly under normal conditions yet alone when it’s around 30 degrees in the workroom.

Every year I go through the same mental torture as the summer holidays end and we are thrown into the deep end of a brand new academic year and as the hot weather cools  into the nicer autumnal temperatures and the model show scene kicks back in and we find ourselves travelling either into the deep countryside or down to the coast in search of our modelling fix and to be able to feast our eyes on the endeavours of others knowing that our own lack of effort at the workbench is highlighted by the great work done by our fellow modellers which sadly puts us to shame. It is the harsh truth that every year I sit down faced with an ever dwindling amount of potential modelling days and know that as a lazy modeller I will be really up against it to get anything finished let alone 2 or maybe 3, why do I do it to myself ?, maybe it’s a way of punishing myself for constantly adding to the stash throughout the year when at the start of every year I promise myself and the long suffering Kerry that I will not buy any new models as I do not really need any and then low and behold they start arriving or I pick up them up at shows and add to the ever increasing and rarely diminishing stack of unbuilt kits. I suppose one of the shinning lights is that any kits I have started this year have been built from start to finish and are only in need of a slap or two of paint, perhaps it is a sign that I have turned a corner in my modelling and are not going through the start a kit, have problems, put it on the shelf forget about it and then repeat the process all over again.

So, here I am on a Saturday evening updating my blog which is something I have not done in nearly 2 months and although it is 56 days until the start of Scale Model world according to the IPMSUK website I am not quite panicking yet, I have tomorrow evening set aside for some bench time and the hope to get kit number 2 as close to finished as I can plus with a trip to Folkestone next weekend for Euro Miniature Expo on the horizon not everything is gloomy modelling wise at average modeller HQ as there is still time to turn out a model or 3. Of course not withstanding I can always turn what could be a potential success into a complete disaster and back again in the little over a month I have left as it would not quite be me if I didn’t. Now with this blog post nearly done, some bench time planned a weekend away and with modelling back at the top of the agenda it is a little bit too early to panic and I will hold that back for at least a week or so.

The Average Modeller.

8 thoughts on “It’s that time of year once again….. is it too early to panic??

  1. I think great many of us can relate to your tale of woe. Work life balance is never that easy and if you through in some I’ll health along the way then it becomes even more difficult. They say if you want to make God laugh tell him you have a plan. Perhaps the answer is not to have a plan in the first place and then maybe he’ll turn a blind eye! Good luck with get your models ready for Telford. It will be my first year, looking forward to it!

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    1. At the end of the day for most of us this a hobby to do in your spare time whenever you get some, whether that be in the evenings or at weekends, I fit mine in when I can which sadly is not very often, although the workbench is where I am currently finishing off the fiddly bits on a Meng Whippet. You will absolutely love the trip to Telford, you there for both days?, you will have to pop along to my club stand IPMSUK Kimaker branch the Bulldogs, we’re a friendly bunch…

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      1. Yes your right, it is a hobby and as you say, do what you can as and when. As for Telford I’m travelling up on the Thursday staying with friend enroute. On Friday I meet up with my other guys from the Plymouth club to set up and we all leave on the Sunday. A long winded way of saying yes I’m there for both days! Should be fun. Yes, I’ll aim to find your group and call in. Feel free to do the same.

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      2. It is a great weekend and well worth all the grief there is getting there, we are coming up from Surrey so we have the M25 and Heathrow to contend with, we always travel up Friday, then meet up with our club Saturday morning for the whirl wind that is SMW then it pack up and head back Sunday evening for work the next day, it’s a very tiring weekend but very much worth it, look forward to meeting you….

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      3. It’s size will just blow you away, so much to see and buy and so little time though it seems, oh and money. We are off to what used to be Euro militare this coming weekend, looking forward to getting away for a few days and some top quality models.

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      4. We are mainly going to get away for a few days and the better half is a figure painter so we are hoping to pick her up a few things, she really enjoyed last year and plus I need some paints to get this stuff down for Telford.

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