Shelf Queens, or the pile of shame and embarrassment….


You know that feeling when you drag a kit from the stash, part build it and lose interest because something comes up either another kit or just life and it gets put amongst the pile of ever increasing part builds or ‘shelf queens’, sound familiar? it could be my life story, to be honest I am a bit embarrassed by my pile of shame, that’s what I call it, at the start of every year I tell myself that this is the year, this is it the opportunity to complete all those part built part painted projects that are cluttering up the workroom like cars in a scrap yard, and yes you guessed it as every year passes the pile of shame has got taller and is not any closer to being reduced. I always start with good intentions, I select a box from the pile, put it down on the cutting mat, remove the lid and carefully put the part built whatever it is onto the bench, I study the instructions trying to fathom out where abouts I had got to the last time I had repeated this ritual, I look at the half build on the table, I look at the instructions, I look back at the kit, glance at what is left on each sprue, probably scratch my head a couple of times, change the song on the ipod, once again study the instructions then have a deep breath pop the sprues instructions and half build back into the box then return it to the place in the pile of shame it came from. This is a ritual that is oh so familiar to me and one that I have repeated too many times to remember. If I glance up and down the pile of shame there are kits that I started late last year, one or two from the same period the year before and the year before that probably, there are part builds from group builds on Facebook, half builds from campaigns on Armorama and Aeroscale, unpainted and unfinished kits from builds that I intended to put on my club stand at numerous shows down the years and even a kit that I was building as a 40th birthday present the intended recipient is now 54!!! it is so bad that I start more than I finish, it has become a very bad habit that I am finding increasingly difficult to break. So what is my plan?, well to be honest I do not have one maybe I should but I don’t, it probably needs a simple plan of action, maybe start at the top, finish at the bottom and everything in between without starting something new, but then what about those glorious new kit releases, ah!! a new build, a group build a commission, maybe something completely different to get those modelling juices flowing again and what about that bloody Tiger 1 build for Telford…..

We are now approaching mid April and as luck would have it I have not started any new kits this year which in essence means I have not added to the dreaded pile of shame however on the flip side of that I have done nothing to reduce it either. In an ideal world I would slowly make my way through the pile slowly reducing it to a distant memory putting all those now finished models in the display case to admire and reflect on how many bloody years did it take me.. we all know that the likelihood of that happening is nil, zero, zilch, hopefully I will get the modelling buzz back in the very very near future, (it has kind of deserted me so far this year and has hampered any progress),  and start to make my way through the pile of shame and make a good dent in it. Will that happen? probably not, I have my Telford builds to plan and execute they are not yet in the pile of shame and will hopefully never be regarded as an incomplete part build, then of course there are all the new kits that I promised I would not buy but of course have, then there are the kits just released or about to be that I need to buy and add to the stash to maybe built in a year or three’s time some of which will sadly be discarded and become remnants of a far to optimistic deadline and end up as new members of that ever annoying and seemingly ever increasing embarrassing club that is my pile of shame.

The Average Modeller.

By The Average Modeller

I am 48 years old and have been modelling since the autumn of 2002 when after a random nip into a local model shop on my way to work I purchased the old Tamiya Sd.kfz 223. I shared the build and paint job with my Step Dad where we made the fatal mistake of paining it before we finished the assembly and we ended up with a bit of a glue covered painted mess. When not involved in any modelling stuff I like to spend my time pottering around my garden, spending time with the other half and the children, listening to music, getting stressed at my football teams inabilities and procrastinating about just about everything else, oh! yes and work where I am Site Manager at a large primary school.

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